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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Information

8 February 2021

The letter and privacy notice below has been emailed to parents and carers of students in Years 7 - 11 for whom we have an email address:

Letter re Y7 - 11 Students - Covid Testing Information
Privacy Notice re Y7 - Y11 Covid Testing

The link to complete the consent form is:

Please do not use the Years 7 - 11 form for Sixth Form students.  Sixth form students have been sent details of how to give their consent to their college email accounts. 



Information about how remote learning works is available via the following link:

Information for parents/carers and students regarding Remote Learning

A guide to accessing remote learning has been shared with all students and parents/carers and is available via the following link:

Remote Learning Guide


Very important reminder from Ms Newton 16 December 2020

Dear parents and carers

I am sorry that I need to write again with yet another Covid-related notice.  However I have become aware that some parents are still sending their children to school when a member of the household is displaying Covid symptoms or awaiting a test result.  You must not do this.

If any member of your household develops any symptoms of Covid-19, the entire household must immediately self-isolate whilst the symptomatic person gets tested.  You can only end this household self-isolation if the test comes back negative.  This is not a regulation of our making, this is set out in law.

We would have had to send significantly fewer children home this term if everyone had followed this rule.

Many thanks to those of you who are complying with this legislation.  The impact on others of not doing so should not be underestimated.

Yours faithfully

Alex Newton


Message for all Parents, Carers and Students from Caroline Diamond, Director of Public Health, Torbay Council.
 Letter from Torbay's Director of Public Health 14DEC20

What Parents / Carers must do if someone in their household has symptoms of Coronavirus

Anyone with symptoms will be eligible for testing and this can be arranged via or by calling 119.

All household members must stay at home and not leave the house until the results of tests are received.  This includes anyone in your ‘Support Bubble’. Household members should not go to work, school or public areas and exercise should be taken within the home.

We would like to thank parents and carers for working with us to help to keep our community safe by following both government and College guidance on what to do if your child or a member of your household has coronavirus symptoms.

What Parents / Carers must do if their child (a student of The Spires college) has a positive test result

Should your child receive a positive test result, it is important that we know straight away so that we can respond quickly.  This includes letting us know in the evenings and at weekends.

Should your child receive a positive test result, please email  Please only use this email address to tell us that a child from the College has received a positive result or that they have symptoms and are being tested.  You should continue to inform your child’s Pastoral Support Manager of negative test results or positive results in other household members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s Pastoral Support Manager if there is anything about which you are unsure.


Guidance for Parents and Carers regarding Symptoms and Testing is available below:

Coronavirus / Covid 19 Symptoms - Guidance for Parents and Carers
Coronavirus / Covid-19 - Getting a test - Guide for Parents and Carers
Letter regarding current Covid-19 testing procedures


The college's risk assessments in response to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation is available below:

Covid-19 Risk Assessment for September 2020
Covid-19 Risk Assessment for January 2021 - on site provision
Lateral Flow Antigen Testing Programme Risk Assessment
Covid-19 Risk Assessment for March 2021


The college's guidance for visitors in response to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation is available below:

Working Safely During Coronavirus - Guidance for Visitors


A link to UK Government Information and Guidance is below: