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College Uniform

We expect our students to wear their college uniform with pride. It was designed by the College Council and represents our students’ commitment to their college, as well as preparing students for the expectations of the world of work. School uniform indicates a commitment to the shared ideals of the college and promotes equality in a very visible and easily understood way. The Spires College takes uniform very seriously and we expect the support of parents/carers in ensuring high standards of uniform in the college.   

Full details of the college’s uniform expectations are included in the uniform booklet below. Please ensure you are familiar with this before purchasing any items.

The Spires College Uniform Booklet

Some items can only be purchased from the college uniform shop. These are blazers, skirts, ties, PE polo shirts, PE shorts, PE fleeces, PE track pants, rugby shirts, sports leggings and PE socks.   

Please be aware that, during exam season, access to the room in which the Uniform Shop is located is limited.  Therefore, although the team will endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible, there may be delays during this time.  This situation is beyond their control; please be patient with staff who look after the Uniform Shop. 


Ordering Uniform Items

**Please note that uniform orders will not be processed during the Christmas break as our uniform shop is within college.  The college is closed and staff are on leave during this time.**

Uniform and PE kit can be ordered and purchased by credit or debit card via our online Uniform Shop at:

The Spires College Uniform Shop

Please note that you cannot order or pay for uniform via your own ParentPay account.  Our online Uniform Shop uses the ParentPay system to facilitate credit and debit card payments but is a standalone system and is not linked to individual's ParentPay accounts.

If you are unable to use the online shop please contact our Uniform Shop.  Contact details are below.

During term time, items ordered by midnight each Wednesday are available for collection from the uniform shop in room 1508, the following Monday.  Collection outside of the normal opening times shown below must be by arrangement with our uniform shop team.  If items are out of stock, we will advise you of the estimated date that they will become available.

Students can purchase replacement ties from our Finance Office (room 1108) before or after college, during registration (once registered), and at break or lunch times on any school day.

Collecting Orders during term time

During term time, students can collect their ordered items from room 1508 at the following times:

MondayYears 7, 8 & 912.05 -12.45
WednesdayYears 10 & 111.05 - 1.45
FridayAll years12.30 - 1.30

Specific collection days for ordered items are held during holidays, for the collection of pre-ordered items only:


Summer 2020

This year, due to Covid-19, we have to have a much stricter timetable and plan for the collection of uniform than in previous years.  

There are two collection days with specified time slots depending on your child's surname.  Please come at your allocated time slot shown on the chart below, so that we can avoid long queues and keep you and our members of staff safe.  Like high street stores, we are unable to offer any changing rooms at the moment and so uniform orders will need to be tried for size at home.  There will be no exchanges on collection days, so please refrain from trying items for size in the school corridors or grounds; please take the items home.  If you need to exchange an item you will be able to book an appointment.  Details of how to do this are in the exchange section further down this page.


Collection Time Slots


If your child's surname is Beckett, your collection time is Monday 17 August 9.30 - 10 am.

If your child's name is Brazier, your collection time is Monday 17 August 10- 10.30 am.

Monday 17 AugustTuesday 18 August 
SurnamesSurnamesCollection time
AMa to Mc9 - 9.30 am
Ba to BlMe to Mi9.30 - 10 am
Bm to BzMo to Mz10 to 10.30 am
Ca to CrN and O10.30 - 11 am
Cs to Cz and Da to DlPa to Pi11 - 11.30 am
FRa to Re12 to 12.30 pm
Ga to GlRi to Rz12.30 to 1 pm
Gm to Gz and Ha to HeSa to Se1 - 1.30 pm
Hi to HoSi to Sz1.30 to 2 pm
Hu to Hz and IT2 - 2.30 pm
Ja to JeU, V, and Wa to We2.30 - 3 pm
Jo to Jz and KWi3 - 3.30 pm
LWo to Wz, X and Z3.30 - 4 pm


If your uniform cannot be collected on Monday 17 August or Tuesday 18 August, there are two supplementary collection days.  Please only use these days if you absolutely have no choice:

  • Thursday 27 August 
  • Friday 4 September

Collection is available between 9 am and 4 pm.  No appointment is necessary but you may need to queue. 

If you are unable to attend on any of the collection days and no one is able to come on your behalf, please email  


Collection Point
Please note that entry to the collection and exchange appointments will not be via the main school entrance.  The diagram below shows how to find the collection point:


Map showing access for uniform collection Summer 2020



Exchange Days

Exchanges are by appointment only.  You can make an appointment for an exchange between 9 am and 4 pm on the following days:

  • Wednesday 19 August
  • Thursday 20 August
  • Friday 21 August

Use the following link to the appointment system:  link to appointment booking system.

Please note that we are using our parents' evening booking system to make these appointments.  Please complete the details requested and your exchange appointment will be made.


Other holidays (except for Christmas)

By arrangement.

Please contact the uniform shop by email or telephone.

Identifying your items

When you have purchased uniform and are satisfied that you will not need to return or exchange it, please ensure that all items are clearly named.  Belongings that are lost can be easily returned to their owner if they have been named.  This is not the case for un-named items.  

If you wish to order name tags from please quote our school number 36759 on the checkout page, as this will raise funds for the college.  You can also receive a 5% discount if you use the code SCHOOL5.

Uniform shop – contact details

The uniform shop is managed by our Finance Office Team.  You can contact the team by:


Telephone:     01803 408843