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Secondary School-Place Allocations

Registration Forms for children who will be transferring to Year 7 in September are to be returned to the college by Monday 20 March to accept the place!


If you applied online you will have received an email from Torbay Council on national allocation day, 1 March, to tell you which school your child has been allocated.  This was followed the next day by a letter from Torbay Council and then a letter from the school to which your child has been allocated. 

The initial emails and letters from Torbay Council do not specify if an allocation at The Spires College is for a selective or non-selective place; the software package simply will not allow for two different kinds of application at one school (there are only five bilateral schools like The Spires College).  Unfortunately, this issue cannot be overridden for the initial notification.  However, the College works closely with Torbay Council's School Admissions team and, if a selective place has been allocated, a letter from The Spires College specifying this was enclosed with the one that was sent by Torbay Council.  The letter that was sent directly from The Spires College on the day after national allocation day also specifies if the place is selective or non-selective. 

There was a registration form enclosed with the letter, which must be completed and returned by Monday 20 March in order to accept the offered place.  Please return registration forms as soon as possible as we need to begin preparations for the children to transfer, such as liaison with their primary schools, etc.

More information about the transition programme can be viewed here: Transition from Year 6 to Year 7 at The Spires College