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Sixth Form

Biology A Level

Subject: Biology

Hours taught per fortnight (KS5): 9

The Biology curriculum continues to build upon the fundamental topics that underpin the students’ biological knowledge as well as introducing new concepts. Students will be challenged to combine knowledge from different scientific disciplines as they learn about the key molecules from which all organisms are made and how some of these organisms can utilise the energy from the sun and transfer it to other living things. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the immune system and how the body defends itself from pathogens. They will understand organisms’ responses to stimuli and the importance of homeostatic mechanisms. Students will explore and investigate different modes of inheritance and explain their impact.

Alongside acquiring a deep and broad understanding of key scientific concepts, students will learn about the history of biology, how technologies have changed and influenced ideas and understanding, as well as being able to discuss ethical issues surrounding some of the technologies. Students will engage in the wider reading of a variety of different texts to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the scientific world and to encourage them to challenge and question ideas. They will develop their practical skills, carrying out a variety of different investigations, demonstrating their competencies such as evaluating methods, identifying variables and recording accurate, reliable and repeatable results. There will be a blending of scientific and mathematical skills; manipulating data and preparing graphs and charts to help them to analyse their data. Students will be given opportunities to enrich their subject knowledge with a range of extra-curricular opportunities such as university visits, competitions and subject-related webinars.

For a summary of the curriculum, please see the document below.