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Sixth Form

Business BTEC National

Subject:  Extended Certificate in Business

Hours taught per fortnight (KS5):  9

Following a course in Business provides students with transferable skills they can use for life. The Business course at The Spires College assists with the development of problem solving and helps students develop analytical and evaluative skills. In addition, the course fosters key employability and interpersonal skills such as communication, team working and leadership. 

In today’s world, young people need to understand how different organisations within society work collaboratively to provide for all aspects of our lives. The knowledge and skills gained, delivered through practical and real-world experiences, can be applied to a wide variety of future study, careers and vocational areas. Students begin to learn about the interdependence of businesses and how their future role will fit into this system. Our courses are therefore an excellent springboard for both those aspiring to be business leaders of the future and those wishing to have a secure understanding of their role within a business structure.  

We aim to increase student exposure to a range of business scenarios; beyond those they are expected to investigate within the specification. This includes exposure to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, challenging the stereotypes of successful businesspeople. In addition, we demonstrate to our students that establishing and running a highly successful business venture is something that is achievable and within their future grasp. 

For a summary of the curriculum, please see the document below.