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Sixth Form

English Literature A Level

Subject: English Literature

Hours taught per fortnight (KS5): 9

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum aims to build on the love of reading established in the lower years. Here, we take every opportunity to explore how meanings are conveyed across a range of poetry, prose and drama texts and, most significantly, why these authors have created meanings in the ways they have. We critically examine how these texts have been used to reflect, challenge and criticise the issues of their times, whilst also studying character development, the use of settings, structure and form. Over the two-year curriculum, students are taught to extend their thinking into convincing lines of argument and then to channel this thinking into high quality essays, demonstrating real academic rigour. The opportunity to design their own coursework enables all students to pursue their individual interests and become expert in their chosen area of study.

For a summary of the curriculum, please see the document below.