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Sixth Form

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

We passionately believe that education is about more than what happens in the classroom and want to ensure that our students graduate as, not just knowledgeable and skilful learners, but informed, active citizens prepared for their next steps. Therefore, we have a dedicated pastoral team committed to ensuring each and every student receives the support required and has access to a wealth of exciting and rewarding opportunities beyond the classroom. 

Students follow a structured tutorial programme that allows them to make the most of their time in the Sixth Form, to engage in the world around them and prepare them for their next steps. The tutorial and enrichment programme facilitates students in becoming well-rounded young people whom we are proud to class amongst our alumni.

Tutor time:

  • Monday: Reading

Students develop their cultural capital by engaging in a wide range of reading, including novels, short-stories, journals and articles. Students discuss the content of their reading, developing their literacy and oracy skills as well as their interest in the wider world.

  • Tuesday: Study skills tutorial, PSHE, current affairs

Tutors will lead students through a tutorial activity following the theme of each half-term.

  • Wednesday: Consolidation and review

Students practise using the study skills they have developed to consolidate their work from lessons. Research is clear that regular review and consolidation of work maximises chances of success.

  • Thursday: Careers focus

Students use the Unifrog platform to research and explore their next steps.

  • Friday: Weekly review

Research suggests that taking time to review the work from the previous week and plan for the week ahead reduces stress and anxiety, and allows students to take control of their work, managing work load and maximising potential.

Additional Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Leadership roles: Students are able to apply for a number of leadership roles including those of prefects, ambassadors and student council representatives.
  • Reading mentors: Year 12 students have the opportunity to train to become reading mentors for students in the lower school, building relationships, stepping in to a position of responsibility and giving back to the College community. 
  • Sport: Sixth Form students have access to the gym and college sport facilities. Through negotiation, students are able to use non-contact time to take advantage of these to ensure that they find an appropriate balance between taking care of their academic work and taking care of their physical and mental health.
  • Work experience: Year 12 students engage in a week of work experience in the summer term.
  • Charity events: Students work together to raise money for charities that they are passionate about.
  • Excursions: Sixth Form students benefit from trips to Universities and a residential to London to experience ‘life in a big city’.
  • Team building and leisure activities: Bowling, paint balling etc. Students work with the Director of Sixth Form to organise fun events that bring the Sixth Form community together. 
  • Independence days: In the summer term, Year 12 students dedicate time to preparing for the transition to independence as a young adult. Students learn essential life skills such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, basic DIY, First Aid and even basic mechanics.
  • Learn2Live: Every year our Year 12 students visit the Learn2Live workshop on road safety.