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Sixth Form

Ethos and Values

Within the Sixth Form we celebrate learning for learning’s sake; academic success follows. We provide the structure and support that allows our students to know how to learn. This goes beyond academic learning and involves the development of resilience and determination that will allow our students to tackle the challenges they will encounter. However, as per the values of the whole College, it is not just our students who are learners; all staff at the College are encouraged to value their own professional development and so the College enjoys a culture of professional growth. Teachers enthuse about their subjects and continue to value their own academic development. Within the Sixth Form this research and culture of professional growth is shared as students and staff discuss current affairs within the disciplines of their subjects.

Beyond the classroom we want all of our students to leave the College as well-rounded, confident, independent, young adults, equipped to contribute fully to society; a broad, rich school experience supports them to do this.

In the crucial final years of College life it is important to us that students are given time to consider their next steps and that we equip students with the practical skills that they will need to thrive in the ‘real world’. Through our tutor programme, ‘Independence Days’, university visits, our residential trip to London, work experience and careers talks, we ensure our students are as informed as possible as they enter adulthood.

At the College, we have six attributes that we cultivate so that our young people are able to thrive both academically and socially. We expect our students to be:







These attributes underpin the culture and ethos of our College, including the sixth form. We seek out opportunities for students to develop, practise and demonstrate these attributes and they are rewarded for doing so.