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Studying At The Spires College


Life at The Spires College is rich and varied and students are expected to seize every opportunity to make the most of their school experience.  In the classroom, this means engaging fully in every lesson, producing their best work and ensuring they are always equipped and prepared for each class.  Every student at the College is entitled to disruption-free learning for every minute of every lesson and everyone is expected to ensure this is the case.  This includes a consistently enforced rule that mobile phones and other devices must not be seen or heard on the College site or during College-led activities. 

Beyond timetabled lessons, the College has a broad offer of extra-curricular clubs and experiences.  Students are encouraged to get involved with as many of these opportunities as possible to ensure they genuinely make the most of their time at the College.  Students have a range of leadership opportunities available to them which, again, they should seek to engage with in order to contribute to the ongoing success of the College. 

Around the College site, students are expected to demonstrate respect and kindness.  Over one thousand people move around the College every day and it is essential that all treat others with courtesy and empathy.  Students are required to wear their uniform correctly and smartly at all times.  In the local community, the students are the College’s ambassadors: the positive reputation of the College, and thus of their peers, sits in their hands.  They are expected to take this responsibility seriously and to play an active role in building a society where everyone can thrive.

In choosing The Spires College for their child’s education, parents and carers are expected to support the ethos and policies of the College.