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Studying At The Spires College

Film Studies

  • Hours taught per fortnight (KS4): 5

The Film Studies curriculum introduces students to the key concepts of narrative, genre, representation and aesthetics through a thematic approach. Within each unit, students will explore how film form is used to construct meaning and reflect upon their own responses to films. The social, cultural, historical and production contexts in which films are produced are also explored to develop students’ understanding of how meaning is created. In each unit, a variety of films is used to illustrate the key ideas, allowing students to apply what they have learned and develop an analytical, academic style of writing. Furthermore, students apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in practical activities that place them in the role of screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and lighting technician, thus developing creative skills and making links to the wider curricular and career paths beyond. The subject is enriched by a range of extra-curricular opportunities including filmmaking workshops, writing competitions and a film club.