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Sixth Form

Film Studies A Level

Subject: Film Studies

Hours taught per fortnight (KS5): 9

The Film Studies curriculum provides an opportunity for students to explore the full breadth of cinematic styles in depth and detail. Students will be challenged by the range of genres and styles, and by the film selections that will push them beyond their comfort zone. The curriculum is supported by academic reading that provides insightful and divisive film commentary, encouraging the students to examine their own response and interpretation of films. Through the study of documentary, silent, global, and experimental films, students will enjoy a diverse range of filmmakers’ perspectives and will be supported to develop a highly academic, analytical written style. Students will also explore how the film industry, and the products it makes, have changed over time, asking themselves how this reflects societal evolution.

The subject demands an enquiring mind, an ability to reflect on one’s own responses to films and highly effective written and oral communication. The subject is enriched by a range of extra-curricular opportunities including filmmaking workshops, writing competitions and a film club.

For a summary of the curriculum, please see the document below.