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Studying At The Spires College


  • Hours taught per fortnight (KS3): 4
  • Hours taught per fortnight (KS4): 5

The History curriculum is taught through a variety of depth, breadth, local, European and world studies. Topics are broken down into enquiry questions that give each series of lessons a clear focus and enable students to explore the past through investigation and source handling. The enquiry questions are centred around key concepts such as change and continuity, significance, diversity or cause and consequence, and they aim to provide challenge and encourage debate. Students learn to explore the past through the analysis and evaluation of historical sources and to understand how the past is reconstructed through film, books, and media. The curriculum is designed so that at each key stage, previous skills and knowledge are built-upon and pupils develop an overview or ‘big picture’ understanding of British and world history across the centuries. Modern studies such as the Cold War and migration through time aim to help pupils make sense of the world they live in today and give them a greater understanding of different cultures and beliefs.