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Sixth Form

Mathematics A Level

Subject: Mathematics

Hours taught per fortnight (KS5): 9

The Mathematics Curriculum at Key Stage 5 builds upon the knowledge and skills gained from studying GCSE Mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. Throughout, the curriculum aims to demonstrate how mathematical ideas are interconnected, with a strong emphasis on modelling situations algebraically, with links also being made to science, social sciences, and business. In Year 13 students are given the opportunity to make sense of real-life data in the study of Statistics as well as understanding the physical world in a variety of contexts within Mechanics. Emphasis is also placed upon preparing students for using their mathematical understanding within Higher Education; as wellbeing guided within their independent study, students also learn as a team within seminar-style study groups. In this way, students further develop their skills in mathematical argument and problem-solving.

For a summary of the curriculum, please see the document below.