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Studying At The Spires College

Modern Foreign Languages

French and Spanish

  • Hours taught per fortnight (KS3): Students in the selective stream study 3 hours of both French and Spanish.  Single language students: 4 hours.
  • Hours taught per fortnight (KS4): 5 hours.

The Modern Foreign Language curriculum is designed to uncover, develop, and cement the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing that pertain to language acquisition. Our principal focus is oral fluency, requiring consistent and sustained practice. In order to help our students produce and craft language spontaneously, we employ bespoke memory strategies designed to progressively move students closer to automatic language production. In each unit of learning students re-visit prior knowledge and are taught phonics, vocabulary, and grammar for the topic of study, allowing them to apply their knowledge in increasingly complex ways. Our curricula are designed to appropriately challenge students whilst providing sufficient support for all levels of prior attainment, encouraging a success-driven mindset.