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Sixth Form


Qualification Level 3 Advanced GCE in Politics

Exam Board AQA

Course Specific Entry Requirements Grade 6 or above in History. Where History has not been studied a grade 6 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature is required.  



Lively, relevant, controversial… there are many ways to describe A-level Politics. You cannot escape the reach of Politics; covering news and current affairs from the UK and US, studying A Level Politics helps you understand how our country is run. The course also allows you to develop research, written communication and debating skills.  


You will be assessed through three examinations at the end of the course and so strong essay writing skills are required.


What will I learn?

▲  Government and Politics of the UK

This unit explores the development of democracy, political parties and legislation in the UK. The unit also teaches electoral systems, parliamentary election, party ideology and analysis of voting behaviour.


▲   Government and politics of the USA and comparative politics

This unit allows students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of politics on a more global scale, beyond the context of the UK. Students will learn about political systems in the USA and draw comparisons with the UK.


How will I learn?

Lessons are designed to encourage active participation and are similar in style to those you might find in university seminars. Discussion is essential to all lessons. You will be encouraged to think for yourself beyond the ‘taught’ content. Lessons will also encourage you to develop reading, writing and critical thinking skills.


Where could it lead?

It is highly regarded by employers in industries including politics, international organisations, the media, government and the civil service.