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Professional Development at The Spires College

At The Spires College we place huge value on the professional development of our staff and, as such, aim to ensure that our culture, practices and systems reflect this. Professional development sits at the heart of what we do because ultimately, investing in qualified, confident and motivated staff who are committed to continual development, secures positive experiences and outcomes for our students. It’s as simple as that.

We believe that all staff have the right to personalised, cyclical, collaborative, low-stakes professional development at every stage of their career, and our model provides this. Our staff engage with educational research and work together to share expertise. They experience skilful coaching that enables them to chart their own course; as professionals, we determine our own goals and the time frames within which these are achievable.

Put simply, for us, professional development is about investing in and supporting colleagues to build knowledge, confidence and skills for the benefit of themselves and our students.


Our Teaching and Learning Policy is available here.