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Studying At The Spires College

Revision Resources

The Year 11 GSCE Information Booklet for Parents and Students is at the foot of this page.


Students at The Spires College are encouraged to create their own revision timetables to plan their time to meet the demands of examination preparation and everyday life.  There is a printable blank revision timetable at the foot of this page.


Revision programme

Opportunities to revise and to work on targeted areas with teachers are planned into the calendar throughout the year.

There will be revision sessions running in college during the Easter break and students are advised to attend as many of the drop-in sessions as possible.   Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss these plans with their children and ensure they know which sessions their child will attend.

The programme for these sessions has been shared with students and is available here.

Students attending these sessions do not need to wear uniform and will need to access the College from the rear/delivery entrance, as the front entrance will be locked.  Students should register in the respective room with their teacher.  As the canteen will not be open, students are advised to bring a packed lunch, snacks and refreshments. 

 In the summer term, selected students will continue to attend compulsory Targeted Intervention for specific subjects.  Students who have these compulsory sessions have been given a timetable to follow.  These sessions are crucial to closing any knowledge gaps, improving examinations skills as identified in the mock exams or to target specific areas identified by the subject teacher.

The Learning Café is an opportunity for all students to come to a relaxed and productive environment and complete work or revision in order to prepare thoroughly for the next set of mock exams in January, the main examinations in the summer and to complete any coursework or homework.  This takes place in the Year 11 common room and the adjacent computer room on Tuesdays, until 4 pm.  Students must make their Parents/Carers aware if they are staying in school to study for sessions that are not targeted intervention.

For further details, or if you have any queries, please contact Dr Taylor, Head of Year 11:


Suggested Revision Techniques

There are a number of ways students can prepare for examinations. Some methods can be more effective than others. Students are taught a range of study skills and revision techniques in college that are proven to be effective ways to revise. A document summarising some of these techniques is available at the bottom of this page.