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Studying At The Spires College

Revision Resources & Exam Information

Revision programme

Opportunities to revise and to work on targeted areas with teachers are planned into the calendar throughout the year.  


Walking Talking Mocks (WTMs)

These form a key part of exam preparation.  Subject staff model solutions to an exam paper in real time, giving students the opportunity to copy their thinking and working, as well as attempting questions themselves.  All WTMs are linked to the mock exams that students will sit shortly after and are used in class, too.  As such, it is expected that all students attend these sessions.   They take place between 3 - 4 pm.  



Selected students will be required to attend targeted compulsory intervention for identified subjects on specific days.  Students and their parents will be informed if they are required to attend any of these sessions via a text message.  These sessions are crucial to closing any knowledge gaps, improving coursework, improving examinations skills as identified in the mock exams or to target specific areas identified by the subject teacher.  Intervention takes place 3 – 4 pm.  


Learning Café

The learning café is an opportunity for all students to come to a relaxed and productive environment and complete work or revision.  This takes place in the Year 11 study centre and adjacent computer rooms.  Students must inform their adults at home if they are staying after college in the Learning Café.   The Learning Café takes place from 3 - 4 pm.  


Suggested Revision Techniques

There are a number of ways students can prepare for examinations. Some methods can be more effective than others. Students are taught a range of study skills and revision techniques in college that are proven to be effective ways to revise. A document summarising some of these techniques is available at the foot of this page.


Revision Timetable

Students are encouraged to create their own revision timetables to create a balance between the demands of examination preparation, every day life and other commitments.  There is a printable blank revision timetable at the foot of this page.


Year 11 Mock Examinations

 Year 11 students had two mock exam series this year:

  • 30 October – 3 November 2023
  • 15 January – 26 January 2024

The mock examinations were full past paper examinations under exam conditions in the usual exam rooms.  They are a vital step for students to gain experience of full exams and give teachers invaluable assessment information.  Some practical mock exams also took place around these times.  


Year 10 Mock Examinations

Year 10 mock exams will take place from Monday 24 to Friday 28 June 2024.  More information and a timetable are at the foot of this page.

Exam Dates

Dates for all Year 11 and Year 13 Examinations are on the documents at the foot of this page.


Exam Results

Exam results are released in August:

  • A Level and Level 3 results: Thursday 15 August
  • GCSE and Level 2 results: Thursday 22 August

More information about arrangements for collecting results will be shared closer to the time.