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Sixth Form

Studying at The Spires College

Our vision for our Sixth Form students is that they have a passion for their chosen subjects and a love of learning. The lessons reflect this and allow students to truly embrace their subjects. Lessons are designed to not only equip students for the exams but to take them beyond the specification, developing genuine breadth and depth of understanding. An atmosphere of mutual respect between students and teachers allows for in-depth discussion akin to a university seminar, and an opportunity for students to talk about the subjects they are passionate about. Through this discussion, students develop cultural capital alongside the relevant knowledge found within the exam specifications.


Of crucial importance to students is the ability to engage with wider academic reading. This is important for students as they prepare for Higher Education but also to develop cultural capital and a deeper understanding of their area of study. Whilst academic reading may feel intimidating and daunting at first, we have worked with universities to develop a programme, delivered by tutors, to support students to develop their confidence and become more comfortable with academic texts. Students are explicitly taught the skills required to select appropriate texts, navigate their way through these and to apply their reading to their written work. Our Learning Support Mentor works closely with Heads of Department to provide further support for students with this type of reading.

Learning Support Mentor

We are incredibly fortunate to have a full time Learning Support Mentor within the Sixth Form. As a non-teaching member of staff they are on hand throughout the day to support students within their study periods in small groups and individually. They provide support with study skills, organisation, consolidation and pastoral support; any areas where students need that little bit of additional help.